Top 4 modern Farmhouse sinks to get for your home

Top 4 modern Farmhouse sinks to get for your home

This classic farmhouse-style sink offers plenty of room for large pots and platters. The exposed nature of the sink means it’s easy to clean, and accidents can be detected immediately. These sinks were once called slop sinks and would have been used in homes that reared livestock. Today it's an easy extra bowl for washing up, or a good place to give your little tot a bath.

1. Blanco farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse-style sinks have a timeless and attractive look. But even so, the BLANCO farmhouse-style sink has a new take on an established favourite. That’s thanks to its solid shape, which is somewhat different from the traditional style. This kitchen sink looks sophisticated, both in the white Ceramic version and Stainless steel version.

2. Kohler farmhouse sinks

Kohler is a brand that needs no introductions. Known for their elegant and modern designs, they have become a household name. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern-day take on the farmhouse sink, Kohler's expansive collection of sinks has something to meet your style.

Check out their Whitehaven™ and Vault™ apron-front sinks which feature a revolutionary Self-Trimming® design, allowing for easy installation in existing cabinetry. By blending historical design elements and the finest manufacturing technology, Kohler fashions a new category of sink - that of the modern farmhouse sink.  

3. Modland farmhouse sinks

Sink the MODLAND fireclay farmhouse/ apron kitchen sink into your kitchen. This sink will be the focal point that pulls everything together with its unique shape, generous size and striking beauty. Our sinks are handmade from fireclay and can take years of hard use with only minimal care. The farmers' traditional double-layered frying pan gives it its unique design. For more than 100 years, our fireclay sinks have been used in breweries, distilleries and bakeries alike, absorbing stains caused by cooking oils and standing up to daily abuse without breaking down. Clearly MODLAND is a leader in durable kitchen sinks.

4. Bathlet farmhouse sink

Sprucing up the counters with a new sink brings an instant spark of elegance to your kitchen. This beautiful sink is made of a special white clay that's fired at 2900°F, making it incredibly strong, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant; it will look as good on your countertop in years to come as it does now.

Made of durable fireclay, it also provides beauty and durability in a classic design. The seamless sink and large bowl give you plenty of space to work, while sound-deadening material minimizes noise and vibration during use. Coordinate your style with coordinating kitchens in the Soehnle Silhouette line.

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