Reviews about the current new smart TV : Prisim TV

PRISM+'s product line has always provided excellent value for money, which is why the PRISM+ Q65-QE is such an appealing Android TV. It is, after all, a massive 65-inch 4K smart TV.

This not only makes it a very inexpensive 65-inch 4K TV, but it also provides excellent image quality for the price. Look no farther than the PRISM+ Q65-QE if you want a huge 4K TV for the least amount of money.

According to Dieter Rams, a well-known German designer, excellent design entails as little design as feasible. And I believe this is especially true with televisions. Users ultimately want to focus on the content rather than be distracted by elaborate arcs, shiny stands, or bulky bezels.

And the Q65-QE Pro embodies the concept of "as minimal design as feasible." Apart from a small chin at the bottom, the Q65-QE Pro is almost entirely made up of display with low bezels.

The PRISM+ logo sits in the centre of the bottom bezel, which is somewhat thicker. A narrow slab sits behind the logo and holds the LED indicators.


The Android TV platform runs on the Q65 Pro QE, which includes the Google Play Store with popular apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Google Play Movies. This interface differs somewhat from the Google TV that Google is promoting (and found in the latest Chromecast dongle and Sony TVs). However, it is simple and clear to use. Selected applications, such as YouTube and Disney+, receive their own row with suggested content based on your watchlist or viewing patterns. Prism+ has now introduced its own bespoke row of applications to the Home Screen, branded Daily Play. Those who purchase the Q65 Pro QE will receive three months of Viu and twelve months of MeWatch for free.


In terms of specifics, we tested 4K and 8K YouTube videos, 4K Netflix movies, and Blu-Ray movies on our PS5, and they all looked incredible. I was shocked at how much information an Android TV in this price range could display. Because YouTube videos are compressed, they aren't as clear as those from a Blu-Ray disc, but viewing Avengers: Endgame on Blu-Ray on the PRISM+ Q65 QE is certainly something special.