NextChair Review. Luxe Model. SG’s latest and most popular affordable ergonomic chair.

Disclaimer. Below is my independent NextChair review. This is not a sponsored post. And all opinions are based on my own personal experience.

I am reviewing NextChair's "Luxe" model, their superior model that comes with German cooling mesh material. Price: SGD 499 (Discounted)

First things first, NextChair's ergonomic chair is incredibly comfortable, has great ergonomics. When using it, it really does improve my posture. Best of all, it's really affordable! There are many ergonomic chairs in the market but NextChair is just as good (if not better) but at a WAY lower price.

Last year, I was overwhelmed by all the choices available in the market. Then I stumbled upon this company called NextChair, who claims their product has the most comfortable seating of all ergonomic chairs. So, I decided to purchase them and eventually got my hands on one of their chairs

Unique Soft, Cooling Mesh Seating Material
– My Favourite thing about this chair!

If we were to describe the best features of NextChair Luxe, it will have to be the way it's chair material. Extremely comfortable, soft and breathable fabric material that allows for a comfortable sitting experience, especially for those who sit for long hours. Because of the breathable nature of this material, it is also perfect for any climate and environment. Especially in Singapore’s humid environment.

But the real magic is in the softness of the material. NextChair utilizes a special blend of fabric and polyester, which is breathable and ultra soft for all-day comfort. The added fabric components add more flexibility, allowing more of your body to make contact with the chair, so you’re more supported and comfortable from head to toe. While the polyester provides durability.

NextChair Back support

Ergonomic, Adjustable Back Support

Ahh, support. The unique adjustable lumbar back support is one of the best features this chair has to offer. Customisable in 3 different ways, NextChair Luxe allows you to adjust the lumbar support in the following ways

  1. Lumbar Support can be adjusted up and down
  2. The seat itself slides forward and backwards. Allowing to cater to different leg lengths.

People with long legs might find that only half of their thighs are supported by the chair, with the rest hanging off the chair

While people with shorter legs might find that the front of the seat touches the back of their knees. Which is why the sliding seat allows them to adjust to their own length (More on the sliding seat is covered below)

 With these 2 systems that supports the back, you'll stop worrying about that soreness you get in your lower back and get cozy in the best seat you'll ever own.

Don't be fooled by other chairs that have “Ergonomics” in their brand. Most chairs on the market are ergonomic in name only. Having personally tried it (And again I am not sponsored or paid by NextChair) I can fully vouch for NextChair, and it guarantees a genuine ergonomic seating experience, with superior lumbar support of your back, and your body overall.

Easily Adjustable Lumbar Support

Perfect! Adjustable lumbar support. It adjusts easily by pushing up or down. Which I feel is really convenient as many other ergonomic chairs out there have complicated levers that you have to pull, then adjust, then release the lever etc. 

My experience and review of NextChair's lumbar support is that it easily slides according to where you want it. And it provides good and strong support. Just really convenient, with strong support and overall really great!

Adjustable Backrest Tension

The backrest tilt tension increases or decreases the amount of force needed to make the chair rock or recline backwards. It is really useful that is only found in more premium brands. When reviewing NextChair, I also tried other premium brands like Ergotunes and Ergomiester which also has this function (however their chair's pricing is way more expensive) 

For NextChair, the tension is easily adjustable with adjusting the lever just a few rounds. Some other brands require at least 10-15 rounds just to adjust which is really troublesome. 

(Image of older model chair. The newer model NextChair Luxe does not have foot rest) 

Sliding Seat – I never knew I needed it until I tried it!

A sliding seat basically allows you to adjust the distance between your seat and the back of the chair. For taller people, this is a godsend. As they will find that their legs hang off the seat, and the seat only supports their bum, and half their thighs.

This is also bad for posture (take it from me) as I am 1.82m tall. And my legs often hang off the chair. What happens is that my legs do not remain at 90 degrees, and thus my body tends to slide forward, which makes me slouch.

This is in comparison to other brands that only use Polyester. Which makes the chair hard, and uncomfortable to seat on. I have tried another brand Ergomiester which is hard and uncomfortable. I didn’t like it. (and the price is more expensive than NextChair too!)

The mesh design of this chair allows air to flow freely, preventing you from becoming as sweaty and uncomfortable as you would in a traditional office chair. If you look close, the mesh design is actually quite cool.

Tilting Seat for when you are leaning forward at your desk

NextChair’s ergonomic function also allows you to tilt the seat. This serves a few important functions including the flexibility to suit your seating position to your task on hand. For example. If you need to learn forward at your desk, you can tilt the seat forward to maintain good posture. This allows less pressure on the thighs and prevent discomfort and fatigue.

If you are seating upright position (which you should be most of the time), you can tilt the seat to its neutral position which then maximises the ergonomic support and promotes good posture This is a neat little function that not many ergonomic chairs have!

NextChair Neck support

Adjustable Ergonomic Neck Rest. Contouring & Firm Support

The seat's array of features are all designed to correct your posture from the minute you sit down. The adjustable headrest is height adjustable, and angle adjustable. This allows you to choose to have the back of your head rest against the top of the neck rest itself, or have the neck rest arch cradle the curve of your neck. Either way, the ergonomic neck rest of NextChair (2) ensures proper posture whether you're sitting up or leaning back.

Overall great ergonomic support

When shopping for a good ergonomic chair, one of the most important things is whether the seat depth and backrest height can be adjusted according to your height. Even if you’re reclining in NextChair, your lower back will always be fully supported, and its lumbar support moves with your body so that your posture remains straight. In my NextChair Review, I focus alot on ergonomics and this brand really shines

Doctors and chiropractors also recommend that your hips, knees, and ankles are all at 90 degrees while sitting, which is what NextChair helps you maintain, even for long hours, offering you the right level of support and posture, and helping keep this position in place throughout the day.

FREE Delivery + Installation !!

The icing on top. NextChair provides FREE delivery + installation too! So you don't have to spend your time fixing up the chair. 

Summary of my NextChair Review

NextChair is known for its ergonomic designs that have made quite a mark in the ergonomic chair industry.

Even plenty of gamers who are used to gaming chairs have tried it and switched over to NextChair.

There are plenty of premium brands releasing expensive gaming chairs, while some of them are good too, NextChair offers the same or even better quality but at a much cheaper price point.

So far no other brands I have come across can come close to NextChair’s price for that same quality. NextChair has definitely raised the bar where comfort and quality are concerned; ensuring its place as one of the top brands in the industry.

*Disclaimer. This is my independent review of NextChair. This is NOT a sponsored post. And all opinions are based on my own personal experience.


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